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     We  are a division of Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID). 

 April 2014... In cooperation with the DIA, the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC) and Rosa Parks Center (CAID), renowned sculptor and muralist Vito Valdez will hold a series of intergenerational art workshops.  Classes meet consecutive Saturdays mid April.  through mid May.  This 4 week class of 3 hours includes sketching and lunch at the DIA, art making at the BBAC and a student exhibition hosted by the Rosa Parks Center at a CAID Gallery.  Ages 10 to adult.  Cost for this series is $250. 

Vito will also be teaching  mural painting and sculptural arts at our Detroit  gallery locations Fall Quarter.  Stay tuned,

If you have an art studio or general classroom for rent or donation in the Wayne State or MexicanTown areas please contact us.  We are seeking space for free Saturday youth and teen classes in the City, beginning in September.    We also provide professional acting classes to interested suburban venues.  Send a note via our contact page. 



Monday, Sept 23  teens

Intro to Halloween Improv. Teens ages 14-18 will create an original one act play through improvisation and playwriting with a Halloween theme - and, yes, that means make up and  costumes!  The class performs their piece for friends and family on Sunday, Nov; 3.  Led by veteran teaching artist Frannie Shepherd-Bates, this class will be seven  weeks of all kinds of fun, with students giving voice to their creativity and working as a team to create something totally new.   

Instructor:  Frannie Shepherd -Bates

Starts at 5 PM.  Cost $150 for 7 weeks.

Monday, Sept 23   teens

Introduction to Stage & Film Makeup.  Make up yourself and other students and actors.  Zombies, Vampires, Oh My!  Have a walk on part in a stage play on Nov. 3.

Instructor:  Katie Casebolt

Starts at 6  PM.  Cost $150 for 7 weeks.  May be additional materials charge. 

Tuesday, Sept 24   ages 10 to 18

Beginner & Intermediate Drumming.  Learn to perform rockin'  drum techniques without reading music. Perform a drum solo on stage, Nov. 3

Instructor:  Angelina Manly

Starts at 6 PM.  Cost $150 for 7 weeks. 

Tuesday,  Sept 24  age 16 to adult   

Intro to Writing a Short  Story or Big Novel.    In this course we explore writing the opening pages of a short story or full-lenght novel, with an emphasis on structure, character development and dialogue.  Students are encouraged to share their writing aloud in class, as the November 3rd recital will include a reading of the work-in-progress.

Instructor:   Frank Anthony Polito

Starts at 7 PM.  Cost $150 for 7 weeks.


Wednesday, Sept 25   teens 

Intro. Songwriting/Performance Workshop:  Learn songwriting, explore methods & structure, develop our own personal works.  Intro to instrumentation.  Finished pieces will be performed during staged recital Nov 3. 

Instructor:   Audra Kubat

Starts at 6 PM.  Cost $150 for 7 weeks

Wednesday, Sept 25  ages 13 - adult

Jazz Poetics:  Haiku and Hip Hop:  Master Class in Poetry and Performance.  6 Week Master Class develops poetry students' writing techniques and focuses on getting their work on the page.   Jazz Poetics  introduces poets of the beat, Harlem renaissance and black arts movement generation writers, as well as contemporary performers.  Poets will work together to create a finale performance at course's end, Nov. 3 recital.  Expect guest poets to drop in. 

Instructor: jessica Care moore

Starts at 7 PM.  Cost $150 for 7 weeks.

CAID (Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit ) is located at 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd. just north of Warren Ave and 2 short  blocks west of Wayne State University campus.

Refunds will be provided should class be cancelled for any reason.  Class sizes are limited, so pre registration is advised.  However there will be someone on site  at 4 PM  through to closing, each day of first week for on site  enrollment.

Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit has been a non profit community arts center since 1979.  Rosa Parks Center is under the CAID umbrella and shares space at CAID with detroit contemporary and Detroit Broadcasting Company.

Wednesday, Sept 25,  teens & adult

Costume Design and  Fabrication.  Class will design and make very scary Halloween costumes for themselves and for actors in a play Nov 3.

Instructor:  Jaclyn Strez

Starts at 7 PM.  Cost $150 for 7 weeks.

Mixed Media piece by Vito Valdez. 4' x 8'